"I Love to Tell the Story" Study

Registration Deadline: Monday, January 25th

The Old Testament (OT) is hard to study. Some of the sections can be downright impossible to get through without scratching our heads or visiting Wikipedia. Yet, in our OT we find some beautiful, powerful, life-changing stories. Join me as we look through four beloved OT books that take on a narrative form:

  • 1.       Ruth
  • 2.       Esther
  • 3.       Jonah
  • 4.       Job

We’ll take two weeks to carefully and thoroughly review each book – resulting in a nine-week study February - April. There will be no curriculum or required reading beyond our Bibles.  We’ll meet via Zoom and a meeting date/time will be determined via a class survey. 

Four Week "Safe People" Class

Registration Deadline: Monday, January 25th

Pastor Melanie, here! I look forward to studying my favorite relationship book with you!  This must-read from the authors of the best-selling book “Boundaries” helps us figure out how to surround ourselves with safe people – whether it be in the workplace, friendship realm or romantic connections.  Sometimes we find unsafe people in our lives that we cannot avoid. We’ll look at how we can protect our well-being while we’re with unsafe people. This practical study will combine faith, relationships and examining our own habits.

We’ll meet via zoom for four weeks.  Cost of the book is $15. Scholarships available. A meeting day/time will be determined via class survey.