Slow Kingdom Coming

How are you answering God's call in your life to "do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God?" Could you use some help exploring how to live out your faith in new ways? 

Join the discussion online with Pastor Sarah on Tuesday evenings this April at 7pm. 

"No one said pursuing justice would be easy. But an honest approach can change your life.  The right practices can guide you through struggles and encourage you for the long run. And faithful commitments can ensure you're really helping the people you want to help - until God's kingdom comes on earth as it is in heaven."

Books are $13 and available now for purchase in the church office.  Book study begins April 6 and runs through the 27th. Email Pastor Sarah to register

Studying our Bibles Shortest Books

These books may be small but they are full of wisdom and truth for Christians today. We learn so much about grace, redemption, calling, wise living--the list could go on. If you have yet to dive into these books, consider doing so with Pastor Melanie starting the week of April 12!

  1. Third John (219 words)
  2. Second John (245 words)
  3. Philemon (335 words)
  4. Obadiah (440 words)
  5. Jude (461 words)

Starting the week of April 12 - Date/Time TBA

Email Pastor Melanie to sign up at

2 Corinthians:  

Living Letters of Christ

Starting in April! 

This new study follows the Kergyma Curriculum and takes us on a wild ride of digging deep into Pastor Melanie's favorite letter of Paul. This study will meet for four weeks. A date and time is TBD.  Take a look at our curriculum author's teaser for this fun study: Paul is at the breaking point as he is confronted by misunderstandings that are compounded by distance, and by new super-apostles showing up in Corinth fueling speculation about his worthiness to preach the gospel. All he has worked for to bring God glory is now at stake! In desperation, he digs deep into new theological ground, and ultimately provides readers with impassioned statements about being called from humility into power and grace.

Starting Sunday April 11th - email Pastor Melanie to sign up

Braving the Wilderness - Summer Study

The last several years, the FUMC summer book club has been a highlight of my (Pastor Melanie) June - August.  The commitment is low, but the return is huge!  You're able to read an inspiring book, learn from others and add some community into your summer fun.  You will meet new people and gain new insights as we study the book "Braving the Wilderness" by Brene Brown.  This will also prepare you for our

August - September sermon series which will cover this very book.  

There will be a few different meeting options in June, July and August.  So, choose a meeting date/time each month that fits your schedule to make simply three book club meetings throughout the summer. 

Email Pastor Melanie Nord to learn more details or join the "club"!