March Madness Baby!!! Imagine No Malaria!!!

It is once again time for March Madness and your chance to win the FUMC Bracket Challenge and fight malaria all at the same time. All verified donations, with or without bracket entries, will be entered into a drawing for a grand prize, a basketball signed by the K-State Men’s Basketball Team and head coach Bruce Weber. Good luck!

To make your donation: Go to to be crowned the FUMC Imagine No Malaria champion - donate $10 per bracket (as many brackets as you want, but $10 for each bracket). Send verification of donation to Deanna Likes, You can also make your donation by placing your $10.00 entry into an offering envelope marked with your name and “Imagine No Malaria” and leave it in the offering plate or at the church office. Also indicate “bracket” on your envelope if you intend to enter a bracket.

To enter the Bracket Challenge: Click here. Need help with your online bracket? Contact Deanna Likes, This is a private group. Please enter the group password imaginenomalaria to join. This is a locked group. Your bracket must be completed before the round of 64 begins on Thursday, March 21.

Of course, if you find yourself not wanting to complete a bracket, but still want to either donate to the fight or desire to win the grand prize, you can still participate. Donate online or mark your contribution as “Imagine No Malaria” and include your name on the offering envelope. Your name will be entered along with others. 

Did you know almost 500,000 fatalities occur in Africa annually due to malaria, and nearly 90 percent of them are children under the age of 5 and pregnant women? Please visit to further educate yourself on the disease, the people it affects, and become a regular contributor to the Imagine No Malaria campaign.

Any questions may be directed to Pastor Troy,;
Deanna Likes,; or Ryan Knopp,