Holy Week/Easter

  • April 19

    Combined Worship at 7:00 pm at FUMC. The three United Methodist Churches of Manhattan combine for this meaningful and reflective evening worship.

    We begin in the upper room as we celebrate Holy Communion together. Our string orchestra players will share Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings” as we reflect on the events to come.

    We will travel with Jesus and his disciples witnessing Jesus’s betrayal, denial, and trial as our combined church choirs provide special music.

    We will eventually stand at the foot of the cross and hear the final words of Jesus as the altar is stripped and the Christ candle is extinguished.

    This worship service will remind us: It’s Friday…but Sunday is coming.

  • April 21

    This is as good as it gets. Our morning message is entitled, “Winter Is Never the Final Season” as we reflect on the Easter assurance we have through our resurrected Lord, Jesus the Christ.

    Our church will be fully decorated with Easter Lilies and banners, our voices of thanksgiving and praise will fill our Sanctuary with the joy of our Christian faith, and our musicians of brass and percussion will lift us into the heavenly realm! He is Risen!

  • Easter Egg Hunt

    Instead of Sunday school for children, there will be a Resurrection Egg Hunt in the church Courtyard at 10:15 am for kids through 5th grade.