For all intents and purposes, January is the month for self-improvement. It’s a time to reflect, refocus, and restart. Traditionally, it’s a season of self-absorption. We wonder how to get slimmer, stronger, and smarter. We wonder how to get out of debt. The result is that health clubs, debt counselors, vitamin shops, and self-help gurus do a booming business.

But we tend to forget that the people we admire and respect the most didn’t devote their lives to becoming the best version of themselves. They devoted their lives to making a difference in the world . . . or in someone’s world. Hence, our New Year’s Re-solution Worship series helps us be the change we want to see in the world. Can you envision what your personal relationships,  our church family, and ultimately the world around us would look like if we became people of: 

Radical Hospitality: January 14

Passionate Worship: January 21

Intentional Discipleship: January 28

Risk Taking Mission: February 4

Extravagant Generosity: February 11

Join us in 2018 as we focus on being the people God wants us to be.


Pastors Troy, Melanie, Sarah, and Chelsea