Green is the color for the church season of Epiphany. Epiphany begins January 6 and commemorates the Magi following the star to Bethlehem. The color green was chosen to represent a season of spiritual growth and challenge. As the New Year begins, our minds and hearts should be open to receive new learnings and encounters.

Manhattan First will begin 2019 considering, “What Would Jesus Say About...” the current situations we are experiencing. Not surprisingly this worship series will cause us to think deeply, and present points of view which might be challenging and somewhat uncomfortable for us. Welcome to Epiphany!

January 13: What Would Jesus Say About…Will Work for Food People/Moving the Generational Poverty Needle

January 20: What Would Jesus Say About…Race Relations

January 27: What Would Jesus Say About…Gun Control/Public Shootings

February 3: What Would Jesus Say About…Power and Politics

February 10: What Would Jesus Say About…Climate Change/ Caring for Creation

February 17: What Would Jesus Say About…#metoo/sexual boundaries/sexual ethics

February 24: What Would Jesus Say About…Manhattan First United Methodist Church

March 3: What Would Jesus Say About…Current Issues Surrounding Human Sexuality

Might it be a season of spiritual growth and stimulation for all of us!