Get INSPIRED at FUMC in 2021

In Paul’s second letter to Timothy he writes, “All Scripture is inspired by God.” The author actually creates a new word in the sentence which we translate “inspired.” It literally means “God breathes out.” The language is rooted in the imagery of the divine breath that like the wind, blows wherever it pleases. It is that mysterious Spirit of God that intersects with our spirit through a collection of stories found in our scriptures. In January we will begin a new sermon series and a book study (led by Pastor Sarah) to help us better understand our scriptures and how they are meant to be read. It is based on a book by Rachel Held Evans titled “Inspired.” We will journey through eight different types of stories found in our scriptures. What we will discover is that the Bible is a living, breathing, captivating and confounding book that has the power to inspire and change our lives and possibly the world. I invite you to join us beginning January 3rd as we become “Inspired.”  - Pastor Barry Dundas

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