You are able to use your regular Dillons Plus card to help support Groceries for God. This program gives a percentage of your purchase back to the ministries of FUMC.

In order to continue you must do the following:
1. Go to
2. Create an account including your e-mail address - If you do not have an email address see instructions below
3. Enter your shopper card number or alternate ID# and last name
4. On the account summary screen scroll all the way down to Community Rewards - click “enroll”
5. Fill in personal information.
6. Enter “MY114” you will then see First UMC Groceries for God. Click in the circle as this is our program.
7. Click on save and you should get a note at the top of the page indicating that your sign up has been completed.

You will automatically start earning rewards for FUMC right away on qualifying purchases, made using your Shopper’s plus card!